Application Fee

This is a one-time, non-refundable fee of 3,500 Baht per child payable at the point of application.

Enrolment Fees

This is a non-refundable payment made upon entry to the school. This can be paid either as an enrolment fee or as a capital levy. 

  • First child: 80,000 Baht
  • Second child: 70,000 Baht
  • Third child and subsequent child each: 60,000 Baht

Capital Levy

This is an alternative method of paying the enrolment fee. It consists of an additional payment of 25,000 Baht per term on top of the tuition fees for each child joining the school. This allows parents who are in Bangkok for only a short period of time to have a reduced enrolment fee. Parents pay the capital levy for a maximum of 3 consecutive terms.

Tuition Fees

There are three terms in our school year and tuition fees are paid for each of our terms. Tuition fees are paid to cover the costs of running the school. This includes all the exercise books, teaching materials and textbooks. Tuition fees invoices for the next term are sent to parents four weeks from the end of the current term with a deadline for payment before the start of the next term.

ClassPart Time/Full TimeBaht Per TermBaht Per Annum
Nursery3 Days - Half days72,040216,120
Nursery5 Days - Half days89,770269,310
Nursery5 Days - Full days119,810359,430
KindergartenAll Day Session137,580412,740
Reception to Year 2All Day Session157,480472,440
Year 3 to Year 6All Day Session166,400499,200

Lunch Fees

120 Baht per day

Payment of Fees

All fees are paid one term in advance. When a child leaves the school the parents will be refunded a full term, provided the child has not started the next term. If a child starts a new term and leaves before the half term the parents will be refunded for the last half term’s fees. However, if the child attends the second half of the term but leaves before its end there is no refund based on weeks or days attended.