St. Andrews International School Dusit specialises in early years development from Nursery to Reception.

At Dusit, we can ensure our students learn and develop in a healthy and safe environment, enabling them to fulfil their full potential as empowered individuals.

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Welcome to St. Andrews International School Dusit

Early Years are in important part of an child, in their growth development both in cognitive and analytical learning. It is important to support and nurture our children, as they seek and explore their new worlds and surroundings. Every step that child takes allows them to start their journey with their curiosity and joy. We at Dusit believe in learning by doing, and that every child learns differently from each other, thus our curriculum must cater to all children’s different learning techniques and speed.

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From Nursery to Reception, Our Early Years team provide high quality, interest based and child led opportunities for learning to cover the skills set out in the UK National Curriculum, ‘Development Matters’.

At Dusit, we provide personalised support and opportunities for our youngest learner’s first steps in education. Children develop quickly in their early years and by laying the best foundation through the standards set out by The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), we can ensure our students learn and develop in a healthy and safe environment, enabling them to fulfil their full potential as empowered individuals.

The seven areas of learning and development that shape our educational offering in Early Years are important and inter-connected.

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Personal, Social & Emotional Development

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Physical Development

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Communication and Language

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Understanding the World

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Expressive Arts and Design

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The numbers speak for themselves


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Culture of Care

Our international school have a highly skilled, caring, and supportive team, who understand the importance of knowing their children and who invest time in building strong relationships with them.

We want our children to be confident in feeling a sense of belonging when they come to school each day and believe that there is always an opportunity for every child to succeed, whatever their strengths and interests are.

Happy Community

At St. Andrews International School Dusit, Community is the fundamental foundation of our school and is at the forefront of everything we do. Staff, parents and students work together to build a close-knit community where everyone is valued, heard and empowered.

Academic Achievement

We know that every child is different and we take great pride in personalising learning experiences, providing our children with a huge range of opportunities, carefully designed to spark their interests and ensuring they reach their full potentials.

We tailor the English National Curriculum to our context here in Thailand and skillfully weave opportunities for Outdoor Education, health, and wellbeing throughout our units of work to ensure that children receive a broad and rich international education.

Exceptional Teaching Staff

Our teaching staff always strive for the best for our students. Supported and encouraged they actively seek new ways in which to teach, develop and grow. We believe that educators who find joy and fulfillment in the pursuit of their own professional growth inspire our students to love learning too.

What parents are saying about us!

St. Andrews Dusit is more than a school where teachers teach and students sit and listen. It is a place of dynamic, sensitive, engaged people who care for the different development needs of each student, with depth and courage to innovate. We love the school and are very grateful to have found it while living in Thailand.

Bento’s Family

The teachers are very dedicated, and many of them have gone out of their way to support and encourage Lynn in her learning. It speaks quality when a child comes home and tells you that she’s really inspired by her teacher and so excited to see her teacher the next day. We are very proud and fortunate to be part of the St. Andrews Dusit community.

Lynne’s Family

As a mother trusting your child’s wellbeing to someone else is very difficult thing to do but Dusit made me reassured that Gant was being well taken care of. I am very happy to see my child being guided and nurtured with positive dispositions towards learning and this is because of his teachers and all the staff’s love, care and encouragement. I could not be happier with the support Dusit has offered us and I cannot thank all staff enough for teaching Gant and helping to shape him into the young man he is today.

Gant’s Family

At St. Andrew Dusit, we can feel it is more than just school. It is a big family. Tim and Alin are very lucky to be surrounded by nice people, especially all teachers and staff who have positive attitudes and strong willingness to support their childhood development.

Alin & Tim’s Family

What we have always liked about this school is that it is big enough to offer all the opportunities of a fully-fledged professional international school, but at the same time is small enough to maintain its sense of community.

Usher & Amiya’s Family

We chose St. Andrews Dusit upon recommendation from a friend and have never regretted. The school environment is conducive to learning especially for young children given its small size, which gives teachers a lot of time to support children.

Ungweru’s Family

Dusit is a small community school filled with warm parent-school relationships. With small class sizes, teachers can give more attention to each pupil. Bubble adores going to Dusit every day, and we are very pleased with his progress. We sincerely thank the teachers and staff for taking great care of Bubble as well as to Head of School, Ms. Caroline, for setting high expectations and standards for both academic and social learning. Dusit is the best.

Bubble’s Family

My whole hearted thankfulness and appreciation to teachers and staff members who have taught and cherished my daughter son to help them develop into confident and responsible young people, ready to face the challenges of secondary school and life in the future. We have also made great friends amongst the parent community. This community has been special and will always have a lasting memory in our hearts.

Flan & Fynn’s Family

What sets the school apart for us is it’s joyful and bright atmosphere, unusually talented and dedicated leaders and staff, and small community with caring relationships across all ages and grades.

Alya & Darren’s Family

St. Andrews Dusit campus is one of the best primary schools in this area. Thanks to the efforts of all teachers and supporting teams, who facilitate and support the students in every aspect they can. All three sisters enjoyed learning in this excellent school, which seems to improve its facilities and efficiency every year to support all students.

Nina, Nara & Nobel’s Family

Firstly, we like the loving and nurturing atmosphere of this small school, which is suitable for primary aged children. Secondly, we feel confident in the safety and security of the school facilities. Last but not least, all teachers and staff work hard to encourage our children to improve themselves both in their academics and by keeping in mind the whole child to reach their full potential.

The Lin Family

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