Head of School

Ms. Caroline Ratcliffe 

"Primary education is a time for discovery and for moments that instil a love of learning deep inside the child."

Deputy Head of School

Mr. Stephen McElhinney

"I was drawn to Dusit by the values, family atmosphere and focus upon happiness. I always endeavor to involve parents within school life and ensure their children love coming to school."

Early Years Coordinator

Ms. Joanne Schofield

"In Early Years I want to create an atmosphere of curiosity and engagement with learning in a play based environment where children are challenged but can take ownership of their thoughts and ideas."

Key Stage 1 & Curriculum Coordinator

Mr. Allen Gross

"My philosophy for teaching is a simple one. Get students to believe in themselves. Give them the tools to succeed and achieve. Be there to help, guide and facilitate learning. Help them to become independent and then stand back and watch them fly."

Lower Key Stage 2 Coordinator

Ms. Sophie Gross

Upper Key Stage 2 Coordinator

Mr. Joel Abraham

"I want all my students to be safe, happy and valued. Only then can they be ready to learn, and we can build their confidence and challenge them to aim high. If my students enjoy coming to school and feel they are improving, then I feel I am doing my job right."

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Ms. Nancy Ongayo

"I am resolutely committed to inclusion in education and ensuring that all students are challenged and supported in their learning."