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June 14, 2022

Student Council

Our student council is made up of elected body of students that proudly represent the voice and mind of all of our 320 students. Not only do they get to advocate for their peers and pursue causes you are passionate about, but they also get to action real change within their school. This can see changes to their learning environment, their social environment or even their physical surroundings... Read more
June 14, 2022

House Captains and Vice House Captains

Each year our House and Vice House Captains are chosen by every student in the school to represent their four house teams; Lahu, Akha, Karen and Yao. We ask that children make a decision based on which child they would like to nominate to lead, support and guide their house throughout the year. Our House captains and Vice House captains set an exceptional... Read more
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June 14, 2022

Junior Librarians

The Dusit Library is one of the busiest places in the school - used by all students as every class has one or more library slots per week. This means the school rotates books out at an average of 1,000 books per month! That’s impressive as our entire library consists of 6,000 books! In this hub of activity, our Junior Librarians are there to help other students in finding books, recommending books to read,... Read more