We believe that developing positive relationships with parents is essential to creating a successful school. There is a strong sense of community at St. Andrews Dusit where parents, children and teachers all work together in genuine partnership for the benefit of the students who attend the school.

Parent Teacher Group

The PTG was established in 2010 when our school was first founded and constitutes members of the parent and teacher community. The aim of the group is to harmonise the work being done by both groups to achieve a high-quality learning environment for the children. The PTG elects a committee annually, who meet with representatives from the school on a monthly basis. These meetings serve the purpose of sharing information, planning activities, raising concerns, and discussing future plans.

The mission of the PTG is to work together for the common good of the student body and to foster goodwill amongst parents, teachers and friends towards our school. Apart from helping to plan whole school events, the PTG also benefits the school community through:

  • Welcoming new families
  • Fund-raising activities
  • Social events for parents and teachers
  • Discussion groups for parents and teachers