Special Educational Needs

At Dusit, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive school and believe that all children should be valued as individuals. We have an ethos with high expectations and targets with a broad and balanced curriculum differentiated to meet each individual’s needs. We also have robust systems in place for early identification of barriers to learning or participation.


We believe that educational inclusion is about equal opportunities for all learners regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, attainment and background. We ensure that all children are included in both curricular and extra-curricular activities, including educational trips and visits.


Our school’s non-selective admissions policy means that we will accept a wide range of children with special educational needs into the mainstream classroom. There is a thorough process of referral, assessment, provision and monitoring in place for students who require additional learning support.

Teachers throughout the school are regularly trained to support children with additional needs and Individual Educational Plans are created then adapted to meet the individual needs of each child to ensure that every child achieves their personal potential.


Our Learning Support Department offers a wide range of professional knowledge and backgrounds and is comprised of a:


Speech & Language Therapist

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Occupational Therapist


School Counselor


Early Interventionist


ABA Therapist

As well as academic, behavioural, Maths extension and individual support teachers. These teams are available to parents and teachers as a resource for consultation as well as a direct service provided for students.

The school creates an enabling and encouraging educational environment, for all students but especially those needing additional support.

Usher & Amiya’s Family

I am so delighted to have my child study here in Early Years, Dusit. It is a small community with a warm and friendly atmosphere. I am continually impressed by how well the teachers know the pupils, their supportive and professional work provided.

Dusit parent

Dusit parent

Our world had changed, but as a community, we did not let this stop us.

Caroline Ratcliffe

Head of School

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