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Little LEGO Builders Club 

Ages: 3-4 years old 


Launch your love of LEGO with SMART FUN and 100,000 pieces! Our teachers act as facilitators during open-ended, inquiry-based activities. Young learners get the chance to connect what they learn to what they see in the real world around them, all while using a maker-mindset. Our activities help kids develop fine motor skills, creativity, and logical thinking during collaborative and constructive play!


Engineering Quest LEGO

Ages: 5-7 years old 


Gear up your imagination with Smart Fun and our world-class LEGO collection! Our instructors are trained to help students discover real-life knowledge through hands-on projects with no limits. Paper instructions have no place in our clubs. Instead, instructors engage students with dialogue as students test and revise their creations at their own pace. Learn about science, engineering, and architecture - while designing and creating like never before! Explore your most ambitious dreams in a supportive environment without fear of failure. Returning students will be given new projects / challenges.


Engineering Challenge

Ages: 8-12 year olds 


Level up your engineering skills with Smart Fun and 100,000 LEGO pieces! Students connect prior knowledge in science, engineering, and architecture to new concepts during projects which were designed by engineers. Students stay actively engaged and learn via communication and problem-solving, NOT by simply following paper instructions. We encourage kids to push their ideas further by testing and revising their projects. Students display mastery of concepts by inventing solutions to open-ended problems during collaborative and competitive play.


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