20 May 2021

Creative Corner 19.05.21

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At Dusit we are proud of all the work our students produce. This week however we are especially proud of the work of our Year 6 student Angus, who has written an exceptionally creative piece of writing. In this diary entry he has carefully woven in prepositions, present perfect continuous language and parenthesis and in doing so he has transported us all to a post-apocalyptic Angus world!


'It has been 59 days since the event. 59 days since my whole world changed. 59 days since I have seen my friends.59 days since I have had a milkshake. 59 days since I have heard laughter. However it started, I don’t know. What they do know is that zombies appeared out of no where around the globe and turned normal people into flesh-eating creatures with no heart. Some people tried to leave the city but it was the same everywhere. Some tried to fight on the streets but it was a losing battle. My mother and i decided to make our home a fortress and defend it against everything that tried to enter.


Outside my windows is a dark menacing sky that matches the mood and energy within the walls of our home. The flowers in the neighbors yards are dead, withered, rotten. No one comes out to water them. Toys are left abandoned on sidewalks. Cars have been abandoned in the middle of the road sometimes with their doors wide open. Broken glass covers the street like confetti. Not a soul comes outside but occasionally two eyes wide with fear peek quickly from behind a drawn curtain.


Everything has changed since the event. Mom used to be sweet and smile all the time and now she is a soldier of war like a mama bear protecting her cub. With every sound she gets quiet like an animal being hunted in the forest. She puts herself between me and the sound. She always wants me to be quiet so she can listen. She is always listening. It’s a good thing the phone lines don’t work because then I can’t make noise. The internet still works (for now) but it is very slow since everyone uses it to communicate.


I sometimes talk to my best friend Toto but mostly he just wants to game and that is crazy to me because people are dying everywhere and he just plays video games. He seems unaffected by the circumstances so he carries on with his gaming legacy (as if none of this was even happening.) Toto says there’s nothing he can do about people dying so he should just be happy when he can be. He is not really wrong but it doesn’t seem right.

Some people tried to leave the city after the event (bad idea). Even if you leave you would find the same thing everywhere because it is happening worldwide so it is better to just stay at home because you know where everything is. While we wait for someone or some government to find a solution or a cure we stay at home making weapons out of anything we can find.


Mom already made the house zombie proof. It’s like a fortress. It can be boring inside so my eyes are always scanning the house like a hawk seeing if there is anything that can have a new purpose as a weapon. I look over at the forks and think if I tie them together and tape them to a stick I can make a pitch-fork.I am glad that I am a gamer because it gives me a lot of ideas for defense and survival. It keeps me busy.'


- Angus Year 6

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