03 April 2018

Gaelic Football

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Gaelic Football

On Tuesday this week, Ms. Aishlin took the girls from Year 5 and 6 over to our campus at 107 to attend a training session with the Gaelic Football All Stars
team! Gaelic Football, also known as "football", or "Gaelic", is a form of football played mainly in Ireland. It, along with Hurling, is the most popular spectator sport in Ireland. It’s played by men, women and children all over the country and the world.

The girls learned the basic rules for playing the sport; take 4 steps, bounce the ball, take 4 more steps, solo the ball and repeat. The tricky part of this sport is remembering that you can take 4 steps then you have to bounce or solo the ball, you can solo the ball as many times as you like in a row but you have to alternate between bouncing and soloing if you want to include the bounce! To score, you kick the ball out of your hands over the bar and between the posts to score 1 point or in the net for a goal which is worth 3 points. This was a wonderful opportunity to promote women in sport to our girls at Dusit and tied in very nicely with Year 5’s STEAM focus for the week; Gender Equality which is one of the UN’s sustainable goals. The girls had a wonderful time and enjoyed using the FIFA regulated football pitch with their peers from 107.

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