24 November 2021

Getting to know Dusit: Mr. Allen

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Mr. Allen, Curriculum Coordinator & Key Stage 1 Coordinator

-Why did you choose to become a teacher?

I didn’t choose to be a teacher. Teaching chose me. I’ve been teaching since I was 12. I was part of a number of sporting clubs and I was a coach for over 10 years, coaching athletes as young as 4 and as old as 50. So when it came time to choose my career, my career had already chosen me. I love watching people grow and develop and if I can be there to guide and mentor, I have the best seats in the house. Teaching is me.


-What is your vision, mission or philosophy in teaching and education?

My philosophy for teaching is a simple one. Get students to believe in themselves. Give them the tools to succeed and achieve. Be there to help, guide and facilitate learning. Help them to become independent, then stand back, and watch them fly.


-What makes you proud or excited to be working at St. Andrews Dusit?

What I love about Dusit is the school community. I love knowing all our families and getting a chance to teach all the siblings. It’s great being part of one big family and being a part of everybody growing and developing.


-What is your favourite Dusit Value and why?

Understanding - simply because if everyone looks after each other and puts other people's need first, what a brilliant place that would be.


-What is the best advice that you would pass onto your younger self or our students?

Vitae Lampada Tradunt - it was my high school's motto and I never understood it until I began to teach and see it in action. It means, "To pass on the torch of life". Passing on and sharing knowledge is the key to everyone's success.

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St. Andrews International School Dusit

St. Andrews International School, Dusit is a small community school set just outside the grounds of the Chitralada Palace. Dusit is a fully inclusive and co-educational school for up to 400 Thai and expatriate children aged two to 11. Since opening with five children in 2010, it has expended to its current roll of just under 340 children distributed throughout 15 classes.

At. St Andrews, Dusit campus, the focus is on how children learn and the curriculum is delivered to meet all learning styles. Dusit prides itself on providing an exciting, engaging and challenging curriculum which enables each individual student to make excellent progress and achieve their full potential. Students are recognised as individuals at St. Andrews and are encouraged to challenge themselves in all areas of school life and to do their best.

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