20 May 2021

Online Learning Tips

Published by Dusit Marketing

Well being plays a pivotal role in a child's development and ensuring this during their online learning journey is a focus for us here at Dusit.

Our dedicated teachers provide tailored timetables and support through interventions, one to one Zooms and screen free days but we also believe these additional online learning tips below can offer guidance on ways to further support your child from home. Together we can guide your children through a happy and safe online learning journey!


#1 - 'Try to have screen free time. Get active, healthy or mindful.'

Healthy screen time is one challenge of online learning but ensuring that there is a good amount of time away from devices throughout the day is very important. Whether this is getting up for a walk around the house in-between lessons, eating meals without a screen, stepping outside for some daylight or even taking part in one of PE lessons from the week. Once your work for the day is finished, put your screen away and enjoy other activities.

Balance is key.


#2 - 'Encourage them to stay in touch with friends. Pick up the phone or even Skype.'

While online learning, children will not have the same level of social interaction as they would normally. Not seeing their peers regularly can affect their well-being. Encourage them to pick up the phone or skype with friends, this will really help.

Connection is key.


#3 - 'Don't forget your teacher is here to help.

Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or needing guidance, just send them a message on Dojo or Google Classroom.'

Online learning is a new learning experience for us all, this means your child may have questions or concerns and our staff are here to help. No question is too small, encourage the children to reach out to their teacher just like they would in class.

Courage is key.


#4 - 'Going to bed at a good time and eating healthy food options both play a vital role in helping the brain to be ready for learning.'

Rest and nutrition recharges both the body and brain; improves the capacity to learn and retain information; and improves social and emotional interactions. Healthy learners make for active switched on learners!

Health is key.


#5 - ‘It is important for children to remember the same rules apply as being in the classroom. Respect and good manners towards others matter.’

During online learning remind your child that even though they are at home, the same level of language and behaviour is expected as if they were at school. Remaining polite, using good manners and keeping conversation relevant is very important for not just their learning but also for their friend's learning too. You can use the Dusit Value wheel (in the second picture) to help with this, especially highlighting the values respect and teamwork.

Teamwork is key.


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