CfBT Education Trust

St. Andrews Dusit, alongside all other St. Andrews International Schools are accredited by the Centre for British Teaching (CfBT) and have achieved the 2nd tier level of accreditation. The majority of International Schools in Thailand have achieved the standard/3rd tier accreditation. St. Andrews International Schools’ were the first to be awarded this enhanced standard during their last accreditation cycle and are now all striving to become the first schools group in Thailand to be awarded the highest level of accreditation from CfBT (1st tier).

CfBT is one of only four organisations who are authorised by the Thai Education Ministry to carry out international accreditations in Thailand. CfBT Education Trust is a UK based organisation working throughout the UK and internationally in 40 countries.  In the UK, they inspect a third of all UK schools on behalf of OFSTED.

Our latest accreditation report can be viewed here.



All St. Andrews International Schools are licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education and accredited through ONESQA (Sor mor Sor) - the international schools inspection body.


Affiliations and Membership

International Schools of Thailand (ISAT)

The International Schools Association of Thailand was established in 1994. Its principal purpose is to act as a link between international schools which are members of ISAT on the one hand and the Ministry of Education, in particular the Office of the Private Education Commission, on the other.