Our school has an air-conditioned and AQI Monitored dining hall, which is used by students from Kindergarten – Year 6. Nursery are served lunch in class, so our staff can closely work alongside our students, to help them becoming independent eaters.


Our provider ‘Foodhouse’ offers a wide variety of nutritious and delicious meals and snacks throughout each school day. The menu rotates regularly and is often updated to introduce variety and welcome suggestions. Our staff work alongside an onsite nutritionist to ensure the menu options provide a healthy and balanced diet for our students during the school day.


Student having snack


All meals and snacks are prepared freshly each day in a kitchen onsite. For any of our students with allergies or any dietary requirements our school nurse, office staff and Foodhouse work together to carefully created a safe and tasty alternative.

Our option breakdown is as follows:


Nursery – Year6, Morning Snack

  Bakery & Fresh Fruit


  Cooking Studio

Nursery – Year6, Lunch

  2 Asian Dishes

  2 Western Dishes

  Egg Based Dish (For Protein)

  Rice (Steamed & Riceberry)

  2 Vegetarian Dishes

  Noodle Station

  Sandwich Bar

  Salad Bar

** For children with allergies, a separate menu will be created, prepared and adjusted to avoid the ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. For example, if your child is allergic to eggs, this will not be provided.

Nursery – Reception, Afternoon Snack



Healthy food and a balanced diet is very important especially when they both play such a vital role in a child’s development and growth. It is essential for us to ensure that all our meals provide each child with the correct nutrients and vitamins that in turn give them the energy and health they need for their day at school. At Foodhouse this means not only using only certified quality products from reliable suppliers but also creating a menu with variety which is carefully planned by our individual school nutritionists.


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