One Time Payment Fees

Application Fee

THB 4,000 is payable when the application is submitted and is a non-refundable administration charge.

Entrance Fee

The Entrance Fee is payable upon initial enrolment and the confirmation of the place by the school. This fee is non-refundable.

Two options for payment are below:

1. Enrollment Fee

Nursery – Year 6 80,000 / child
Family rate 150,000 / family

2. Capital Levy

Capital Levy (installment) is an alternative method of paying the enrolment fee. It is THB 25,000 per term per child for the first 4 consecutive terms (or equal to the maximum of capital levy of THB 100,000).

Tuition Fees

There are three terms in our school year and tuition fees are paid for each term. Tuition fees are paid to cover the costs of running the school. This includes staffing, exercise books, teaching materials and textbooks. Tuition fee invoices for the next term are sent to parents four weeks from the end of the current term with a deadline for payment before the start of the next term.


Nursery 3 Half Days 230,170 95,900 76,720 57,550
Nursery 5 Half Days 286,810 119,500 95,600 71,710
Nursery 5 Full Days 382,800 159,500 127,600 95,700
Kindergarten All Day 437,510 182,300 145,840 109,370
Reception – Year 2 All Day 495,590 206,500 165,200 123,890
Year 3 – Year 6 All Day 521,660 217,890 173,890 130,420

Learning Support Fee

Learning Support for a student (if required) will be charged as appropriate depending on the agreed support required after assessment.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Fee

Additional support for EAL will be charged to the students for whom English is not their first language and require additional support depending on assessment of need.

Annual Fee (THB) Term 1 (THB) Term 2 (THB) Term 3 (THB)
Morning EAL Fee 78,000 32,500 26,000 19,500

Lunch and Snacks Fee

 Annual (THB) Term 1 (THB) Term 2 (THB) Term 3 (THB)
Lunch & Snack 23,400 10,270 7,020 6,110

Transportation Fee

This is dependant on the routes taken for either pick up or drop off of students, please consult with the admissions team.

Payment of Fees

All fees are paid one term in advance. When a child leaves the school the parents will be refunded a full term, provided the child has not started the next term. If a child starts a new term and leaves before the half term the parents will be refunded for the last half term’s fees. However, if the child attends the second half of the term but leaves before its end there is no refund based on weeks or days attended.

The due dates for tuition fees for 2022/2023 academic year follows:

Term 1 (THB) Term 2 (THB) Term 3 (THB)
29th June 2022 9th November 2022 10th March 2023

Dusit School Fee Structure FY2022-2023

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