Exceptional Teaching Staff

At St. Andrews International School, Dusit we are committed to recruiting teachers that are highly experience, dedicated and passionate about their age range, subject and are also excited by working within a dynamic and diverse community.


Open-minded and curious, our teachers make discoveries between subjects and form connections between disciplines. Classroom practices emphasise active collaborative learning, team building activities and they enjoy attending workshops and conferences led bye other educators to ensure they continue to develop their teaching skills. We are also fortunate to have the ability to call on the vast knowledge and experience within the global Cognita schools network. Professional development is an ongoing priority and we strongly believe a school flourishes when its teachers are committed to lifelong learning, both in their own lives and their student’s.

‘Dynamic, sensitive, engaged staff who take care of the different development needs of each student, with depth and courage to innovate.’ – Dusit Parent

Our Dusit Teaching Staff Have

3+ years


10+ years



Teaching Degree or equivalent qualification

What we look for:

Professional Experience

The more professional experience our teachers have, the more variety of valuable insight and knowledge they can bring to our community, their role and their students.

Formal Education

We ensure that all of our staff have a formal education which means they have the broad set of skills required of an effective teacher, they have qualified against the UK teaching standards and that they hold the necessary teaching knowledge to be a successful teaching professional.

The length of job tenure at previous schools

A longer tenure in previous schools leads to greater expertise and knowledge in the educational field. As a tenured employee, they are committed to growing existing skills and experiences as well as learning new ones.

Ongoing commitment to professional development

Our teaching staff always strive for the best for our students. Supported and encouraged they actively seek new ways in which to teach, develop and grow. We believe that educators who find joy and fulfillment in the pursuit of their own professional growth inspire our students to love learning too.

Teachers’ high expectations result in outstanding behaviour that contributes to the smooth running of lessons. Relationships between teachers and students are excellent. This cultivates a very positive and productive climate for learning in which students feel safe to ask questions, make and learn from their mistakes, and seek help and support. Teachers enthusiastically encourage students to do well and sincerely praise their efforts and achievements. Consequently, they respond well to challenging tasks, enjoy their lessons and see learning as a positive experience. Parents typically comment, ‘The rigorous academic curriculum is integrated into an atmosphere where children barely notice they are learning.’

Teachers’ strong subject knowledge, thorough understanding of how students learn, and command of the courses they teach, lead to the confident teaching of students who learn effectively because they respect their teachers. Students are interested, engaged and motivated to learn because lessons are imaginatively and skilfully planned to meet their needs, interests and abilities. Teachers’ well developed knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of their students results in the setting of learning activities and tasks that are appropriately matched to their different aptitudes.

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