Arts & Languages


Studying a foreign language provides the children at Dusit with the skills to communicate in an increasingly global world and with an opening to other cultures.


With pupils from over 50 countries, we also see foreign languages as an opportunity for pupils to share their experiences and cultures with each other.

Our languages department offers 5 different languages options which are French, Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese and Thai. Lessons focus on pupils reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through the study of their chosen language. Pupils are engaged through drama, role play, stories and games which bring languages to life. This mixture of traditional methods and new strategies help pupils develop well rounded and usable language skills. Our specialist teachers seek to nurture the pupils to be able to express themselves with confidence and independence.

Music & Performance

Music is a fundamental part of daily life at Dusit. Songs are used to help embed key learning moments, nurture pupils’ wellbeing and support our school values.


From Nursery up, every class has a weekly music lesson in our purpose-built music room taught by our specialist teacher. These focused classes are designed to support pupils’ development of rhythm, tone, pitch and notation. As pupils move up the school, they are all given access to a wider range of musical instruments and every pupil learns the basics of using stave notation to read and write music.

Each academic year, every pupil takes part in a musical production which gives them a chance to become familiar and comfortable with performing. Through these performances, pupils’ confidence, creativity and sense of achievement is fostered.

At Dusit, we also provide a range of extracurricular musical activities such as our yearly Dusit’s Got Talent competition, individual music lessons and performance opportunities.


Pupils at Dusit benefit from weekly art lessons planned and taught by our specialist art teacher. We recognise the importance of pupils learning to express themselves through art and how art plays a vital role in many creative industries because of its powerful ability to communicate ideas and emotions.

Art classes at Dusit focus on both technique and creativity. Classes will often study and practise a key skill before applying that technique to a larger creative project. Through this system, every student at our school has the opportunity to learn the core skills needed to express themselves through a variety of artistic mediums.

Artistic endeavours are celebrated around the school with pupils’ art displayed on murals around the campus, in our yearly ‘Art Week’ and through art displayed on walls and corridors. These are regularly updated to showcase the latest achievements of pupils.

Here at Dusit, we also offer a wide range of creative and artistic clubs for those pupils who wish to continue to explore their creativity after school hours.

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