Transition to Secondary

Our sister school St. Andrews International Sukhumvit 107, acts as a feeder school for our Year 6 students transitioning to a secondary school.


The transitional process for our students is carefully planned out from as early as Year 3, so the idea of changing school at Year 6 is not so daunting. With cross campus activities, competitions, visits and residential trips. Children are making friends with their future peers and familiarisng themselves with their teachers.

‘Moving to a new school can be challenging, and moving to an entirely different country can be even more daunting! Every community builds on connections, and we believe that bringing new parents and students together with other families serves as an important way to ease this transition.’ –Mr. Mark, Head of Year 7 & Transition

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The benefits:

  • The children have a guaranteed place with us as part of the St. Andrews family.
  • There is no potentially stressful admissions test (we already know the children are making great progress and will make even more in Year 7 and beyond!)
  • Transfer of information between campuses is done in-house – to ensure a seamless transition and continuous academic progress for all children – and less admin for parents!
  • No application fee
  • There is no enrolment fee
  • No complicated admissions form just a simple confirmation form
  • Free daily campus bus services from St. Andrews Dusit for previous Year 6 students ( 2 times for departure in the morning and 2 times for arrival in the evening)




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IB results & University places

Through highly personalised support, St. Andrews students gain places at the best institutions worldwide.

Our university and careers counselling team has a wealth of experience supporting student university applications to a diverse range of educational institutions all over the world. The team meets with each student and their family regularly throughout their time in the Sixth Form to ensure that each student is supported every step of the way. The team keeps abreast of developments and changes as they occur and develops relationships with university representatives from around the world so that the team can advocate confidently and effectively on behalf of our students. Furthermore, students receive timetabled, biweekly careers lessons.

At St Andrews, we believe that this process does not start in the Sixth Form, but lower down the school. Careers advice is a part of our PSHE programme starting in Y9 as students embark upon selecting their options for IGCSE, throughout Y10 through work experience and then again in Y11 as students choose their pathway for the Sixth Form.

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