At St. Andrews International School Dusit, we are proudly accredited, assessed and affiliated with a number of different associations and trusts to ensure we uphold our quality of education and growth.


From these independent and esteemed bodies of experts and professionals we are able to be held to high standards and advised on best practice, so we are able to make our school a place where ‘every individual’, whether child, staff or parent can excel.


The Educational Development Trust accredits St. Andrews International School Dusit. EDT is one of only four organisations who are authorised by the Thai Education Ministry to carry out international accreditations in Thailand. EDT Education Trust is a UK based organisation working throughout the UK and internationally in 40 countries. In the UK, they inspect a third of all UK schools on behalf of OFSTED.


All St. Andrews International Schools are licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education and accredited through ONESQA (Sor mor Sor). The Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA), is the Thai government inspection body that measures and oversees the standards of international schools in Thailand. Reviewing provision, management and operations of schools so that the quality of education can be continuously enhanced.

The Education Trust

As well as working collaboratively with schools, The Educational Development Trust acts as an international authority on school inspection, under its own inspection framework ‘International Schools Quality Mark’. The ISQM accreditation with the Trust looks into the standards of student achievement with an effective curriculum, good use of resources, a successful leadership team; and equally strong partnerships with parents and the community to ensure students are well cared for and receive an enriched education.

St Andrews International School, Dusit is recognised as having met the required standards for accreditation. The school has been awarded the ISQM at Gold level, which reflects the Outstanding
judgements or higher described in this report. This accreditation is valid from 31 May 2023 to 31 May 2028.

We received our Gold level and EDT shared positive feedback on the following areas:

Our Students’ Personal Development

  • Progress is outstanding across all subjects and for all groups of students.
  • Attainment is at least good and improves the longer students spend in the school.
  • Students are keen to learn and their behaviour is excellent. They are kind and enjoy helping others.
  • Teaching is interesting and stimulating and provides a range of challenges to meet the needs of the students.
  • Teachers effectively use assessments to identify areas for development and adjust their teaching accordingly.
  • The curriculum is broad and balanced and underpins the school’s Dusit values of determination, understanding, success, independence and teamwork.
  • Support staff and teaching assistants are very well trained to fulfil their responsibilities and contribute to progress.
  • The school’s campus is safe and secure and more than appropriate for purpose. All classrooms are an excellent learning environment.
  • The care and support for students across the school are outstanding. All staff understand their safeguarding responsibilities and students know who they can go to if they have a problem.
  • Parents are overwhelmingly positive about the school. They appreciate its positive culture and its inclusivity, where everyone is known by name.
  • Leaders are responsive and accessible. They have a clear vision for the school and are excellent role models.
  • The school’s owners, Cognita, are supportive yet rigorous in their holding leaders to account.

Our Teaching & Learning

  • The quality of teaching and learning throughout the school is outstanding.
  • Teachers’ subject knowledge, levels of confidence, imaginative planning and nurturing relationships are significant strengths, which contribute to students acquiring knowledge, understanding and skills very effectively.
  • Learning activities are well matched to the abilities, needs and interests of students who consequently show high levels of interest, engagement, enjoyment and motivation. 
  • Assistants who support teaching and learning are very effective and make a substantial contribution to students’ learning and progress.
  • Teachers’ high expectations promote outstanding behaviour, attitudes to learning and co-operative relationships, which conspire to enable lessons to run smoothly.

Our Curriculum

  • The quality of the school’s curriculum is outstanding. Provision in the early years is outstanding. 
  • The thematic approach in Key Stages 1 and 2 engages students and helps them to improve their key skills. 
  • The highly effective modification of the curriculum for students with special educational needs means they make very good headway towards their individual targets. 
  • The extensive range of enrichment activities supports students’ academic and personal development extremely well.

Our Care & Support for Students

  • The school’s provision for students’ welfare and for their care and support is outstanding. 
  • Excellent induction and transition arrangements enable students to quickly settle and engage in social and academic aspects of school life.
  • Healthy living is actively promoted and encouraged through PSHE and the school’s canteen.
  • Students’ behaviour, respect and care for others are exemplary and reflect the family values and standards that underpin the school.

Our Partnership with Parents & Our Community

  • The school’s partnership with parents and the community are outstanding. 
  • Surveys of parents’ views confirm that they think highly of the school and have few concerns.
  • Parents receive excellent levels of information about their children in a range of effective ways and say that reports are comprehensive. 
  • The arrangements for the admission and induction of students are sensitive and extremely thorough. 
  • The school regularly seeks and acts positively on the views of parents. 
  • The parent-teacher group (PTG) works very effectively with the school to gather the views of parents.

Our Leadership & Management

  • The quality of leadership and management throughout the school is outstanding. 
  • The Board of Directors makes an exemplary contribution to the vision, nature and direction of the school. 
  • The school operates legally and is financially healthy.
  • School self evaluation is rigorous, robust and accurate, and involves all staff. It is also informed by the views of key parents and students. 
  • Providing a caring school for all children is a high priority for directors, leaders and all staff.

St Andrews Dusit ISQM Report 2023 (Gold Accreditation)

Affiliations and Membership


ISAT acts as the unified voice for international education in Thailand and as a center for collective action. It serves to work with its members to promote high standards of educational quality, ethical practices, student learning and professional development. Representing the member schools to the Thai government, ISAT has worked closely with the Ministry of Education, the Board of Investments (BOI), the Department of International Trade Promotion, and the Office of the Private Education Commission.


Through inter-school collaboration and competition, students are provided with a range of opportunities from sporting challenges and competitions, through to arts collaborations and events, where they can engage with students in different international schools.

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