Under the guidance of the British curriculum and White Rose Maths, teachers are able to deliver a high quality Maths program. By combining the fundamentals of Maths, as well as the applications or reasoning in the everyday, teachers are able to instill an appreciation and create a curiosity around the subject. Confidence and resilience are developed through carefully guided practice. In our classrooms, Maths is dynamic, engaging and maintains a sense of wonder.



At Dusit we focus on creating a supportive and engaging environment in which pupils can thrive and grow as young mathematicians. In our key stage one classrooms, pupils develop the core components of mathematical fluency by exploring and engaging with numbers, basic operations and place value.

All pupils in Key Stage 1 make use of physical resources and representations to help them gain a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. Pupils are encouraged to take risks and make mistakes on their mathematical journey and are supported to use these experiences as opportunities to learn and grow. This also gives our teachers a unique insight into pupils’ mathematical thinking and allows us to tailor learning to pupils’ individual needs.

Lower KS2

When pupils progress to our lower Key Stage classrooms, they are exposed to a wider variety of mathematical concepts and methods. They continue to use concrete resources but these are increasingly linked to abstract mathematical ideas.

Here at Dusit, our Lower Key Stage 2 teachers know that mathematical fluency is at the core of everything pupils do, so classes focus on developing a strong understanding of written methods of calculation. However, we also know that every child is different, so they are exposed to a wide variety of methods and are encouraged to think carefully about which makes the most sense for them.

At this point in their learning journey, pupils at Dusit also begin to turn their focus to thinking like a mathematician. Teachers encourage every student to consider the different ways they can approach a given problem and students are asked to think about how they can solve problems in different ways and how they can pick efficient methods.

Upper KS2

As pupils progress into Upper Key Stage 2, their focus turns increasingly to developing a deep understanding of mathematical problem solving. Our oldest pupils also begin to explore algebraic notation and explore how this can be used to solve complex problems.

Problem solving here in the oldest classrooms at Dusit is engaging, demanding and relatable. Our teachers use carefully selected questions to engage pupils’ understanding, test their mathematical fluency and engage them in the real world applications of mathematics. Teachers use their knowledge of their class and extensive experience to select problem solving tasks that grip pupils’ curiosity.

By the end of Year 6, our pupils are confident, determined and creative mathematicians who see the world of mathematics as a playground through which they can come to understand the world.

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