Our school has been carefully designed to ensure that students have access to the best possible learning environment and that all aspects of the curriculum are well supported. We believe that children’s happiness and emotional wellbeing is essential for them to be able to thrive socially, emotionally, and academically.


We tailor the English National Curriculum to our context here in Thailand and skillfully weave opportunities for Outdoor Education, health, and well-being throughout our units of work to ensure that children receive a broad and rich education. Bright and spacious classrooms, as well as specialist facilities, offer students the greatest of learning opportunities across academics, sports and the arts.


Sports Halls

  Large Sports Hall, multi functional, air conditioned and AQI monitored

  Early Years Specialist Hall, multi functional, air conditioned and AQI monitored

Swimming Pools

  Large 25m Swimming Pool

  Early Years Swimming Pool

St. Andrews Dusit article (The Benefits of the Holistic Approach to Primary Education at St Andrews Dusit School)

Outdoor Areas

  Sports Field

  Early Years Playground

  Primary Playground

  Rooftop Garden

Specialist Rooms

  Cooking Room

  Sensory Room

  Health Centre with On-site Nurse

  School Library, home to 8,000 books

Reading books

Arts & Languages

  Specialist Language Classrooms

  Dance Studio

  Specialist Music Studio

  3 Music Practice Rooms


  Interactive Whiteboards

  Class Ipads and Laptops

  20 Classrooms


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