Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

The Happiest Community Empowering Every Individual to Achieve Outstanding Growth.

Our Vision

At Dusit, the focus is on how children learn and the way our curriculum is delivered to meet all learning styles and abilities. The school prides itself on providing an exciting, engaging and challenging curriculum, which enables each individual student to make excellent progress and achieve their full potential.

Students are recognised as individuals at St. Andrews and are encouraged to challenge themselves in all areas of school life and to do their best.

At Dusit, we want each children in our care to be confident, happy and develop a real love of learning which they will carry with them through life.

Our Values

At St. Andrews Dusit, we believe it is not only important to provide a rigorous academic education but also one that is underpinned by the development of wider personal growth.

It is through our values and a balanced curriculum that opportunities, responsibilities and experiences promote the spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development of our students. These clear expectations on behaviour, promote good mental health and encourage the development of unique strengths and abilities.

Ensuring individuals flourish and become the best possible versions of themselves.




  • The ability to remain motivated by long-term goals, to see a link between effort in the present and pay-off in the longer-term.
  • Resiliently overcoming and persevering on through setbacks and challenges.


  • The learning of positive moral attributions and virtues.
  • Empathetically considerate of others feelings and emotions.
  • Showing gratitude and respect for all individuals.


  • Remaining open minded and curious
  • Creatively approaching work and solutions
  • Enthusiastically approaching opportunities and possibilities.


  • Considering the impact of our behaviour on the world and others, and doing the right thing even when no one is watching.
  • Self-awareness to reflect upon independent, group and social responsibility


  • Seeing worth and value in every member of the team.
  • How the contribution of many can create amazing actions and change.
  • Seeing the strength in all relationships, we share.

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