Outdoor Education

At Dusit, we present an impactful Outdoor Education that links classroom and field learning in order to not only help equip our students with a wide range of skills but to also gain an understanding of themselves and the world around them.


The world in which today’s students are entering they will be presented with environmental, social, and economic challenges. These variables require leaders and learners, who can understand a variety of ways to tackle an issue, collaborate with diverse communities, understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and have the initiative, skills, and self-belief that they can make a difference.

The United Nations, World Economic Forum, educational and environmental leaders across the globe have called for our educational systems to rethink and evolve so that the children of tomorrow are poised to succeed in what the future may hold.

Adapting our approach to academic achievement coupled with attention to the character development of our students is essential in this effort to make change. We believe that the implementation of Outdoor Education (OE) represents an important evolution of education for young people, and we are committed to ensuring that all our students have this unique and powerful opportunity.

pupils playing with sticks

Positive impacts to character development includes:


  • Metacognition and Leadership, problem solving, planning, monitoring progress, reflecting, and adapting
  • Health and Well-being, spending time in nature is valued as an opportunity to improve well-being, health and connectivity, for students to disconnect from devices to connect with themselves and others around them.
  • Resilience, the capacity to recover and persist. Is built upon the belief that you can succeed, no challenge is ‘too big’.
  • Agency, taking the right action and designing appropriate courses of action to make a meaningful difference for themselves and others.
  • Global Mindset, connecting and understanding broader environmental issues of ecological literacy, conservation, sustainability.
Outdoor Education Learning
Skills Developed Outdoor Education Leadership & Collaboration Health & Well-being Ecological Literacy, Conservation & Sustainabilty
Self-Awareness * * * *
Self Regulation (Metacognition) * * * *
Resillience * *
Agency & Leadership * * *
Decision Making & Problem Solving * * * *
Organisation * *
Reflection * * * *
Collaboration * * *
Communication * * * *

Practice in school includes:


  • An integrated Outdoor Education curriculum embedded within subject areas.
  • Trips or residentials that connect to several content areas.
  • Support from an assigned Dusit Outdoor Education Coordinator (OEC), organisational support from a St. Andrews Thailand Group Outdoor Education Lead (OEL) and Cognita.

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