Our Curriculum

Here at Dusit we use the English National Curriculum and Early Years Framework to structure the learning across our school. This broad and rich curriculum offers pupils a well-structured progression in learning from their first day in Nursery to their final day in Year 6 and onto secondary school.


Curriculum preview


Our curriculum is designed so that pupils build progressively upon prior knowledge, make connections between the things they learn and have opportunities to apply their learning to real life situations.

English National Curriculum

The English National Curriculum is a rich, broad and balanced curriculum in which students are taught the fundamentals of mathematics and English, science, technology, humanities and arts in a structured and meaningful way. In our Key Stage 1 classrooms, these are introduced through a mix of traditional teacher-led activities and child-led, play-based learning, engaging pupils’ natural curiosity and interests. In Key Stage 2, pupils follow topics that tie their learning together through one key theme. The curriculum aims to develop pupils’ deep thinking skills and encourages independent and life-long learning.

Assessment and Personalised Learning

Assessment compliments and assists our teaching and learning here at Dusit. By understanding each learner, we know that we provide each individual with a tailored, engaging and supportive education. In all our classrooms, teachers use on-going formative assessment to ensure lessons and instruction fit pupils’ needs and offer suitable challenge. We want our pupils to be confident; feeling a sense of belonging and purpose when they come to school each day. We believe that there is always an opportunity for every child to succeed, whatever their strengths and interests.

Best of International Learning

Our curriculum provides unique and enriching opportunities for pupils to engage with our international Cognita community. Students at Dusit enjoy opportunities to work collaboratively and creatively with other schools in the Cognita Group, who share our vision of international education as an opportunity to learn together and support one another. However, we don’t want pupils to lose sight of their local setting and we tailor the English National Curriculum to our context here in Thailand; skillfully weaving opportunities for Outdoor Education, health and wellbeing throughout our units of work to ensure that our children receive a broad and rich education.

Global Thinkers

In an increasingly connected world, we know it is vital that we prepare our students for their truly global future. Our curriculum offers pupils a fresh way of thinking about the world around them and how they can shape it. Through carefully created lessons, and a curriculum that builds on prior learning, students develop a deep awareness of the world around them. Pupils are taught to engage with their local community and the wider world in a creative and purposeful way. They are taught to see themselves as part of a connected global world and they learn to appreciate the impact they can have in it.

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