Admissions Process

Online Application

  Fill in the online application form.

 Upload all the supporting documents.

  Ensure you tick the box for ‘Parent Statement’ and click ‘Submit Form’.


Enrolment Process

Admissions Handbook 2023-2024

Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Supporting Documents:

  • Complete and sign application form.
  • Complete and sign School and Parent/Guardian Agreement.
  • An application fee of 4,000 Baht per child.
  • A photocopy(s) of parent’s and child’s passports and visas.
  • A photocopy(s) of child’s birth certificate.
  • Official transcript or school reports for two years prior to current year level (translated into English), accompanied with a point of contact at the school.
  • Any educational assessments or specialist reports (where applicable).

**Please note: applications will be accepted by email, if the necessary hard copy documents are followed up by mail or in person.

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