Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Every day at Dusit is centered around our 5 core values of determination, understanding, success, independence and teamwork. Even though these values are embedded throughout the pupils’ school life, our standalone PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education) lessons give our class teachers a chance to explore issues surrounding their wellbeing, development and health in greater depth.


At Dusit we use the internationally acclaimed JIGSAW programme to structure the PSHE curriculum. Over the course of every year pupils explore units such as ‘Being Me in My World’, ‘Celebrating Difference’ and ‘Dreams and Goals’. Our teachers adapt and implement these units to suit the diverse and unique learners in every classroom.

Pupils at Dusit are encouraged to play a positive role in their communities as well as developing good relationships with their peers and teachers. Our PSHE programme promotes personal development by helping learners identify their strengths and weaknesses, identify risks, manage their emotions and make informed choices about who they want to be.

Through careful study of these key areas, pupils at Dusit learn to be productive, caring and positive young people who are ready for modern life.


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