At St. Andrews International School, Dusit we are comitted to recruiting teachers that are highly experience, dedicated and passionate about their age range, subject and are also excited by working within a dynamic and diverse community.

Open minded and curious our teachers make discoveries between subjects, forming connections between disciplines. Classroom practices emphasise active collaborative learning, team building activities, workshops, conferences and lectures by leading educators are amoung the initiatives we employ to develop our staff's teaching skills. We are  also fortunate to have the ability to call on the vast knowledge and experience within the global Cognita schools network. Professional development is and ongoing priority, as we strongly believe a school flourishes when it's teachers are committed to lifelong learning, both in their own lives and in their children's.


In our quest to employ only the best talent, we pay close attention to;

- Professional experience

- formal education

- The length of job tenure at previous schools

- Ongoing commitment to professional development 


We are fortunate to have an outstanding team of  teaching staff, with a tremendous experience base and background, Who stay on average 4 years


"Dynamic, sensative, engaged staff who take care of the different development needs of each student, with depth and courage to innovate.
Dusit Parent