Child Safeguarding at St Andrews International School Dusit

Safeguarding at St Andrews International School Dusit

All staff and volunteers at St Andrews International School Dusit are committed to keeping children safe, ensuring the well-being of our school community and promoting a culture of care.

What does safeguarding mean at Dusit?

We have a strong safeguarding culture at St Andrews and this can be seen through our:

· Rigorous safer recruitment process

· Regular safeguarding training for all staff

· Positive student to student and student and staff relationships

· Student consulted PSHE education program

· Student voice initiatives

· Student and staff mentor system

· Pastoral care systems

· Independent safeguarding reviews


External Support

Sometimes we may seek support from external agencies, including for early help and intervention. We have good links with a range of support services such as counseling, psychologists, SEN specialists and behaviour therapists.


We have a designated member of staff, who takes responsibility for this area. All policies are available on request  please contact -


Sonal Trivedi is the Designated Safeguarding Lead