The first steps in education are the most important in building a successful learning journey, which is why at St. Andrews Dusit, we are committed to delivering an Early Years program that is positive, engaging and exciting. Our highly experienced and qualified Early Years teachers deliver a holistic British curriculum for children 2 to 5 years old, providing a wealth of experiences to ensure each child’s needs are met and ready to excel in our primary school.


Early years students at St. Andrews Dusit excel under the English National Curriculum, which is holistic, challenging, and outlines age-specific objectives for children to reach their milestones in the prime areas of literacy, mathematics, and the arts. Research shows that the best time to learn a language is during the early years, as babies and young children actively imitate sounds and pronunciation, so our curriculum at this stage has a strong focus on developing English vocabulary and communication skills. The beginnings of numbers, science, social studies and culture are introduced through hands-on learning and exploration in specialized environments, ensuring our students are actively involved in the learning process and academically ready for the demands of primary education.


We believe that being multilingual is a key element of global citizenship, as it allows our students to communicate effectively with their peers at St. Andrews Dusit and beyond school across work and travel. This is why students enjoy Thai lessons taught by native specialists from the first day they join us, learning to acquire a second language as well as developing a greater appreciation for the culture of the country we live in. Children from Kindergarten enjoy a third specialist language lesson in Mandarin, the most widely spoken language worldwide, giving our students unparalleled opportunity for success in our interconnected global economy.

We are proud to celebrate diversity every day with St. Andrews Dusit’s international community of students representing over 20 nationalities, and we are committed to supporting students whose first language is not English. Designed to meet the academic needs of students at various levels of the acquisition process, our specialist English language support program improves students’ abilities in reading, writing, listening and speaking until they are ready to excel in our mainstream programs.


We recognize the importance of sports participation and regular physical activity, not only in improving strength and fitness, but also for its positive effects in developing personal and social skills, and resilience skills such as self-motivation and self-belief. At St. Andrews Dusit, students enjoy specialist swimming lessons at our two on-site swimming pools from just 2 years old, where they learn introductory water safety skills and techniques to stay afloat. Early Years students further develop and refine their gross motor skills through our extensive Physical Education Programme, offering a wide range of sports including athletics, dance, gymnastics, soccer and basketball.


Research has shown that a strong arts education not only helps to develop a child’s senses and self-expression, but it also has a direct link to mental development, intelligence and memory. This is why specialist arts lessons begin at just 2 years old so that our youngest children can embark on a rich creative journey from their first day with us at St. Andrews Dusit.

Our music curriculum focuses on vocal skills, composition, group work and listening skills, where students are exposed to an extensive range of percussion instruments, keyboards, recorders and ukuleles. In the visual arts, students explore colors, textures and a variety of media, all the while developing hand and finger dexterity essential to classroom success through painting, drawing and sculpting activities. Theater arts play an equally important role in our Early Years curriculum, as students develop their speech and self-expression skills in preparation for our highly popular drama performances offered in primary.

St. Andrews International School Dusit

St. Andrews International School, Dusit is a small community school set just outside the grounds of the Chitralada Palace. Dusit is a fully inclusive and co-educational school for up to 400 Thai and expatriate children aged two to 11. Since opening with five children in 2010, it has expended to its current roll of just under 340 children distributed throughout 15 classes.

At. St Andrews, Dusit campus, the focus is on how children learn and the curriculum is delivered to meet all learning styles. Dusit prides itself on providing an exciting, engaging and challenging curriculum which enables each individual student to make excellent progress and achieve their full potential. Students are recognised as individuals at St. Andrews and are encouraged to challenge themselves in all areas of school life and to do their best.

Where to find us

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St. Andrews International School, Dusit
253/1 Sawankhalok Road Dusit, Bangkok, Thailand 10300
Tel: +66 (0) 2668 6231