December 8, 2022

Sports, Art & Creative studies – role learning

Why sports, art & creative studies are important in a child’s education

Sports, arts and other creative studies play an extremely important role within a child’s learning and provide a myriad of benefits that improve learning skills and increase happiness.

Obviously sporting activities deliver benefits for a child’s physical health and being active is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind in good condition. In addition the vital nutrients taken from food and beverages that are needed to stay healthy, are circulated more efficiently around the body during exercise and sports.

Being active is not only good for your physical health though, it’s also extremely important for feelings of wellbeing. The definition of health is “a complete sense of social, mental and physical well-being” so when a child is physically active during play and sport they will also gain positives for their mental health and social skills too. These manifest in many ways including increased concentration and students being able to interact happily with their classmates. 

Research also strongly suggests that when a school increases the time students participate in physical activities, they also perform better in academic subjects. There are obvious links between feelings of wellbeing and the ability to concentrate longer on a subject that support these findings.

When sporting activities are included in an education program they can help improve discipline in the classroom, make students feel happier and assist learning.

The positives of sport & arts in education:

  • Good physical & mental health
  • Developing problem solving abilities
  • Improving social skills
  • Learning resilience & perseverance
  • Gaining confidence
  • Learning to work within a team
  • Improved concentration
  • Understanding respect & sportsmanship
  • Improving discipline in the classroom

Similar positives are gained when children take creative subjects that were once considered to be less important in learning than the academic classes. Whilst also helping to develop social skills and improving wellbeing, art and other creative activities can make children more inventive and also consider life from a different perspective.

Subjects like painting, sculpture and drama also aid problem solving, improve language skills and significantly help students who may normally struggle to engage in learning. Reports on education services show that integrating creative subjects within the curriculum leads to fewer disciplinary issues and a higher attendance rate in schools.

St Andrews International School Dusit

St Andrews International School Dusit is a small and diverse community school providing an inclusive learning environment and a personalised learning approach that allows students to reach their full potential within every area of their education. At St Andrews Dusit children are recognised as individuals and are encouraged to challenge themselves in all areas of school life, not only in academic subjects but also in playtime, sports and the arts.

At St. Andrews Dusit we offer the finest facilities to support student development in sport, technology, music, language and physical education. The amenities for our Early Years students include indoor soft play facilities, spaces for yoga, dance and cooking, and outside areas for playing and exploring in a safe and nurturing environment.

Physical Education (PE)

AT St. Andrews Dusit we have specialist teachers who are committed to developing personal wellness and physical fitness. Regular physical activity in childhood and adolescence has many benefits: it improves strength and endurance; helps build healthy bones and muscles; helps control weight; reduces anxiety and stress; and increases self-esteem, positivity, and concentration

Our PE program aims to provide students with an appreciation of their own talents while teaching them the value of teamwork, strength of character, and determination. Our students are encouraged to represent the school each year in the Thailand International Schools Activity Conference (TISAC) league.


Music is introduced to St. Andrews Dusit students from as young as our Nursery classes as it is a powerful tool for improving concentration, emotional awareness, and developing creative skills. 

Music lessons are included within our general learning programme but we also offer private tuition with Yamaha Music Group, where children can learn to play the violin, piano, and drums.

Drama and Dance

We are extremely proud of the various St. Andrews Dusit dramatic productions where students can perform throughout the year for school assemblies, in talent shows, and Christmas plays. Drama and dance classes offer students many opportunities for personal expression and to develop presentation skills and personal confidence.

“At Dusit, your child’s education and wellbeing is our greatest passion. We work with boundless drive and determination to empower each individual to achieve outstanding growth.”

Dusit Teacher

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