December 8, 2022

Why happy children become empowered & successful learners

Why happy & empowered children become successful learners

St. Andrews, Dusit offers young learners a happy school environment that ensures they become confident and capable of reaching their full potential.

The happy community spirit that exists at St. Andrews International School, Dusit lies at the heart of our success in teaching students to become successful lifelong learners. Our school understands the importance of happiness in relation to learning and how it leads to feelings of empowerment that motivate children to want to engage in their education.

As a community school the teachers and administrators at St. Andrews Dusit works together with children and parents to create an environment where students are happy and gain confidence in themselves. When a child feels happy and confident they feel empowered and are more inclined to engage in the learning process. When an individual is engaged and interested in the task before them, they will naturally feel better and work more productively.

Empowered students:

  • Feel valued
  • Believe they are capable
  • Grow confidence
  • Make informed choices
  • Become independent
  • take responsibility
  • Learn from their mistakes
  • Engage in a meaningful way
  • Understand the benefits of learning

At St. Andrews Dusit we provide a positive approach to learning and a broad and exciting curriculum that enables each individual student to make significant progress in learning. We recognise every child is unique and empower each individual student to challenge themselves in all areas of their education and to achieve their full potential.

‘The happiest community empowering every individual to achieve outstanding growth.’”

St. Andrews International School, Dusit Guiding Statement

St. Andrews Dusit: Part of the Cognita family

St. Andrews International School Dusit is proud to be part of the global Cognita family, an extraordinary and diverse group of international schools located across the world. The Cognita community has joined forces to create an inspiring world of education that has one common purpose: building self-belief in students and empowering individuals to succeed.

Cognita has worked together with world leading education experts to carefully collate an extensive collection of wellbeing resources for educators and families.

Cognita ‘Be Well’ Charter

Wellbeing is the foundation of a Cognita Education and it is integral to the overall ethos of the organisation: ‘Providing an inspiring world of education: building self-belief and empowering individuals to succeed’.

The Cognita ‘Be Well’ charter safeguards the Cognita-wide focus on wellbeing and addresses action under three areas:

  • Embed a ‘living & breathing’ culture of wellbeing schools through a number of initiatives
  • Track and evaluate wellbeing across all schools
  • Ensure availability of high-quality resources and guidance for all schools

St. Andrews Dusit: Guiding Statement

St. Andrews International School, Dusit offers an excellent education to children from both international and our local Thailand communities. Our programmes are based on the English National Curriculum and we work to meet the needs of the whole child in order for them to realise their full potential in academic, social, emotional, cultural and physical development. This is achieved through a balanced curriculum that encompasses both traditional values and modern technology. 

At St. Andrews, Dusit we actively place an emphasis on the individual, supporting our school ethos, which is caring, respectful and tolerant of differences in abilities, needs, cultures and religions.

“At Dusit, we want each child in our care to be confident, happy and develop a real love of learning which they will carry with them through life.””

Caroline Ratcliffe

Head of School at St. Andrews, Dusit

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