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December 8, 2022

Benefits a community school can bring to a child

St. Andrews Dusit: why this special community school can benefit your child

St. Andrews International School Dusit (St. Andrews Dusit) is a welcoming community school for children aged 2 to 11 years, located within the beautiful district of Dusit, in the city of Bangkok. We offer our students an inclusive and personalised education and are extremely proud of our diverse community of students, teachers and parents, who originate from over 20 different nations around the world.

As a community school we work as a cohesive body so that we are able to impart a feeling of connection and belonging to every child in our care. This positive community spirit enables us to work with students in a collaborative environment to great success in all areas, both inside the classroom and during after school events.

As a small community school, we have created a learning environment at St. Andrews Dusit that consistently encourages cooperation and unity that benefits both students and the school in numerous ways.

Benefits of a community school:

Wellbeing: the love, care and support created within a community school enhances learning outcomes and positive wellbeing for every child. At St. Andrews Dusit we actively encourage parent involvement in school events, fundraisers and our Parent Teacher Group (PTG), and our open door policy allows ongoing direct contact for parents and students with class teachers, Key Stage leaders and even the Head of School.

Shared responsibilities: within a connected school community a shared responsibility is created amongst the educators, parents and administrators that results in improved educational services and outcomes.

Improvement to personalised learning: when a school community understands the learning abilities and homelife of students, teachers can create the best learning programme for each individual child.

Pride & motivation: as a result of students and teachers feeling a sense of pride in their school, the whole community is motivated to learn and teach with passion.

Collaboration: a community school puts a focus on collaboration that improves accountability and positive relationships.

St. Andrews International School Dusit: an inspirational school community

  • Warm & Welcoming
  • Providing First Steps to Success in Education
  • Building Self Belief
  • Academic Excellence
  • Embracing Individuality
  • Close Knit Community

St Andrews International School Dusit – a vibrant Bangkok community school

St. Andrews Dusit is situated in the heart of Bangkok, close to both Ari and Victory Monument BTS. The location forms the main political and administrative centre of Thailand and houses both the National Assembly and Royal Palaces, as well as government ministries and the headquarters of The United Nations.

As a small and diverse community school we pride ourselves on providing an inclusive learning environment and a personalised learning approach that allows every student to achieve their full potential within every area of our education programme. At St Andrews Dusit children are recognised as individuals and are encouraged to challenge themselves in all areas of school life, not only in academic subjects but also in playtime, sports and the arts.

Promoting a sense of community at St. Andrews Dusit

House System

There are four Houses within the St. Andrews Dusit community that we have implemented to encourage team spirit and to help develop a sense of community and belonging within our students. Each is named after a hill tribe of Northern Thailand and all students are encouraged to participate in achieving success individually and collectively as a team.

St. Andrews Dusit House System Key Aims:

  • Promote personal development
  • Encourage team spirit
  • Develop a sense of community and belonging
  • Reward students for personal achievements
  • Encourage cross campus friendships
  • Promote a healthy sense of competition
  • Develop leadership skills

Parent & Toddler Playgroup – Stay & Play!

We encourage parents and guardians to join our Early Years team for our special Stay & Play parent and toddler groups held each week. These sessions are held to support our youngest learners transitioning to nursery and for parent’s to experience a love of play with their child facilitated by our experienced and specialist Early Years team. Please see our website page for details about this playgroup.

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