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December 8, 2022

Well-being & why is it prioritised at Dusit?

Why student wellbeing is a priority at St. Andrews Dusit

Research shows that promoting wellbeing as part of an educational programme has a significant impact on a child’s happiness in the school community and their subsequent success in the classroom. Therefore schools that implement a culture, ethos, and environment that promotes wellbeing, will ensure students are more enthusiastic about learning and will become more confident in their abilities.

In simple terms, wellbeing is more often described as ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy’, however at St Andrews International School Dusit (St. Andrews Dusit) we understand that wellbeing is actually far more complex, personal and diverse. 

The faculty at St. Andrews Dusit always considers each student’s needs and abilities on an individual basis, to ensure they have a positive and happy experience in school. After all, the type of learning approach or environment that gives one child a strong feeling of wellbeing, may vary remarkably for another. 

Wellbeing is important because when a child is happy and comfortable within the classroom, they gain more confidence to tackle each task presented to them. Confidence can empower students to achieve more when they are not afraid to be independent, take responsibility and learn from their mistakes. Empowered students are able to engage positively with their teachers and are also able to understand clearly the benefits of learning.

”I’ve only been here for one year and it’s like a second home. Dusit has been a lovely, kind community ever since I’ve been here.”

-Dusit Student

At St. Andrews Dusit we provide a positive approach to learning and a broad and exciting curriculum that enables each individual student to make significant progress in every class. We recognise every child is unique and empower each individual to challenge themselves and always achieve their full potential.

We are fortunate to have a team of highly qualified teachers who make it a priority to spend time getting to know every child to understand their personalities and learning abilities. This attention and the relationships that develop between our students and teaching staff creates our special close-knit community and a safe environment where children are comfortable to learn.

At St. Andrews Dusit we work hard to ensure the wellbeing of every single child in our care via an inclusive personalised approach and supportive services that include:


Every teacher, administrator and volunteer at St Andrews Dusit is committed to keeping students safe, ensuring the well-being of our school community and promoting a culture of care. The St Andrews Dusit safeguarding program is implemented via a series of processes and services including: a safe recruitment process, safeguarding training for staff, positive relationship schemes, pastoral care systems & independent safeguarding reviews.

Cognita & Be Well Charter

St. Andrews Dusit is part of the global Cognita family, a group of international schools dedicated to creating an inspiring world of education for children and to ‘building self-belief in students and empowering individuals to succeed.’

Wellbeing is considered the foundation of a Cognita Education and the organisation has established the ‘Be Well’ charter, an initiative to safeguard the Cognita-wide focus on wellbeing via three areas:

  • Embed a ‘living & breathing’ culture of wellbeing schools through a number of initiatives
  • Track and evaluate wellbeing across all schools
  • Ensure availability of high-quality resources and guidance for all schools

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