December 8, 2022

Experienced & passionate teachers ensuring Dusit students reach potential

St. Andrews Dusit  teachers: guiding students to reach their full potential

St. Andrews International School Dusit is a small and vibrant community school for children aged between 2 and 11 years old. Located in the vibrant city of Bangkok, we are a welcoming and happy international school with a diverse teaching staff and student base that offers an engaging curriculum suitable for all abilities. 

Our passionate and experienced faculty is composed of inspiring teachers committed to working closely with each child to ensure that they reach their full potential in every area of their education. At. St Andrews Dusit we focus on a personalised learning approach which recognises that every student is an individual, who can be empowered to achieve.

St. Andrews International School Dusit is committed to recruiting teachers who are highly experienced and passionate about their subject, and excited to work within a dynamic and diverse school community.

Professional development is an ongoing priority for our teaching staff and we implement many initiatives to help develop our staff’s teaching skills. These include team-building activities, workshops, conferences, and lectures by leading educators in the industry.

At St.Andrews Dusit we strongly believe a school will always flourish when its teachers are committed to lifelong learning.

Engaging curriculum

Our positive and engaging curriculum begins with the Early Years program that includes an important emphasis on preparing our 2 to 5 year old students to excel in Primary School. St. Andrews Dusit’s highly experienced and qualified Early Years teachers deliver a holistic British curriculum for children 2 to 5 years old, providing a wealth of experiences to ensure each child’s individual needs are met.

From Nursery to Reception, Our Early Years team provide quality, interest based and child led opportunities for learning that cover the skills detailed in the UK National Curriculum.

St. Andrews Dusit’s primary curriculum was developed with the intention of creating ‘an effective balance between academic excellence and guiding students in their creative, physical, emotional and social goals’.

These are incredibly formative years, and a time when students will develop skills and independence within our nurturing, supportive school environment. St. Andrews Dusit Primary teachers work hard to inspire an interest in lifelong learning to ensure the children in our care will always excel academically, socially and emotionally.

The primary education programme encompassies an inspiring range of academic subjects, character building and outdoor education activities. We ensure that students get the chance to see the impact of their efforts come to life, through meaningful, motivating project based learning.

Personalised learning

At St. Andrews Dusit our teachers follow a personalized learning approach to empower our learners by involving them in each stage of the learning process. Each child’s progress and achievements are shared with students and parents via regular reports and great importance is placed on areas of learning outside of academic studies including effort, attitude, social relationships and learning skills.

At St. Andrews Dusit we are committed to developing well-rounded individuals to become lifelong learners who will succeed in every area of education and after school in higher education and employment.

“Dynamic, sensitive, engaged staff who take care of the different development needs of each student, with depth and courage to innovate.”

A happy Dusit parent!

Our experienced & passionate teachers

The teaching staff at St. Andrews International School, Dusit is a team of highly qualified and experienced individuals. We actively recruit teachers who are genuinely passionate about their students and subjects, and caring open minded educators who thrive working within our diverse school community. 

St. Andrews, Dusit teachers are also lifelong learners and continue to build their teaching skills via our innovative training program that includes team building activities, workshops, and lectures by leading educational experts. They can also access the invaluable resources and experience of the global Cognita schools network, an organisation committed to ‘Providing an inspiring world of education: building self-belief and empowering individuals to succeed’.

Professional development is an ongoing priority at St. Andrews Dusit as we strongly believe a school flourishes when it’s teachers are committed to lifelong learning.

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